The future has come and everything is under control

Manage Your Company

Each company can establish its own equity management account for equity management, equity changes, equity type setting, options exercise, equity exit and other operations;

Each equity change and transaction will be completed through smart contracts, all of which will become simpler and more efficient!

Start managing your company

Create and register company equity online

In the LittleBee Equity Management Platform, the company manager pays a certain Token (equivalent to the annual use fee of the software), and submits relevant information (such as the company registration certificate), then it can open a exclusive company equity management account and create a company equity structure.

Your future assets will be here

Shareholder exclusive E-wallet

Each shareholder will have its own digital wallet. You can keep abreast of the holdings (shareholding percentage, shareholding cost, latest price, etc.) at any time, and you can also use it to vote in the shareholders' meeting.

Share the growth value of the business

Equity Options Management

In the future, whether it is the establishment of a company, capital increase, equity transfer, or grant of options, each time the equity changes, the company manager will create a smart contract in the system and set the conditions of the smart contract (such as the time, price, and time of the option granted,or equity investment amount, valuation, core terms, etc.).

Let the assets flow

Equity transfer and trading

LittleBee equity management platform will connect LittleBee equity trading platform. In just a few steps, equity transfer and trading can be achieved, allowing your assets to flow anywhere, anytime.

Online stock registration

One-stop electronic document management

All relevant electronic agreements, signatures and documents of the company are managed centrally. For different types of companies in different regions, LittleBee offers a variety of common document templates for you to choose from.