LittleBee is a non-profit system. The system's future internal rewards,operation and maintenance mechanisms all use virtual digital assets (ie. virtual goods) rather than monetary rewards. The digital currency generated by the system itself can be used as a reward for system maintenance. However, in order to satisfy the resource exchange between the system and other systems or other social entities, the intervention of a certain amount of other virtual digital assets such as Ethernet coins is required. According to this, LittleBee's listed assets are only similar to virtual digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Quantum.

LITTLE is a digital currency that uses LittleBee as one of its usage scenarios. It is a virtualized reward mechanism for system operations, rather than monetary rewards. Therefore redemption of LITTLE is not an investment. Holding LITTLE does not represent ownership of LittleBee or LittleBee applications. LittleBee does not grant any individual any right to participate in, control, or make any decision about LittleBee and LittleBee applications. LITTLE holders can participate in the use of the LittleBee platform, but LITTLE cannot be directly realized.

LITTLE's value proposition is to create a LittleBee application platform and use case's application value and scarcity experience of virtual goods, rather than monetary value or transaction value, for participants and holders. We can't guarantee that LITTLE will add value. It may also have a decline in psychological cognitive value under certain circumstances. Due to unpredictable circumstances, the goals outlined in the LittleBee white paper may change. Although the team will do its best to achieve all the goals of the LittleBee White Paper, all individuals and groups purchasing LITTLE will be at their own risk. The LittleBee White Paper is intended only for the purpose of conveying information and does not constitute any investment advice, investment intentions or teaching investment. The LittleBee White Paper does not constitute or understand any sale, or any invitation to buy or sell, any form of securities, nor any form of contract or commitment.

For LittleBee listed project participants, please read the LittleBee white paper carefully to fully understand LittleBee's technical characteristics and listed risk-return characteristics, and fully consider its own risk tolerance, rational judgment, and careful decision making. Once participating in the project, it means understanding and accepting the project risks and is willing to bear all corresponding results or consequences for this purpose.